Tobias Rechsteiner is a Swiss designer and an MBA Candidate at the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation in Berlin. Together with he runs a digital design studio in Basel, Switzerland and designs typefaces for like GT Haptik (with ) and .


GT Zirkon released!

Check out the minisite accompanying the typeface. Handcrafted by Informal Inquiry and Daniel Eytan Schneider. ↗

Part of the UCON Acrobatics Exhibition «MOTIF» – 3 July 2018

Curated by Tobias Faisst ↗, the MOTIF series of products will be presented at Berlin Fashion Week, ZWEIDREI RAUM gallery, Berlin-Kreuzberg. The backpacks will be auctioned online, exclusively for a fortnight from the exhibition launch. Proceeds will be donated to Streem – art & culture streetmag, a contemporary art, design and street magazine that supports the homeless in Berlin.

The pattern references «Dazzle Camouflage», which was a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I. The idea behind the pattern is to hide the fact that the Alan backpack is made out of paper and to distort the clean lines of the shape of the backpack, when looked at from afar.

GT Zirkon

A high contrast type family. Released 2018 through Grilli Type

GT Zirkon Monospaced – Custom Type

A custom monospaced cut of GT Zirkon for Green + The Gent cosmetics in collaboration with Franziska Veh, Images by Daniel Faro

Studio Franziska Veh ↗

Design for LOST – 48h Artfestival in Berlin

Lost Berlin ↗

TR Main

Typeface design, ongoing

Cut Delivery

Art Direction for a DJ project ↗

TR Superwak

Typeface design, ongoing


Art Direction for a DJ, ongoing


Art Direction and Strategy for a small import/export venture, ongoing

TR Book

Typeface design, ongoing