Tobias Rechsteiner
Art Direction & Typography
MELANGE – Identity
Identity for an exhibition in Berlin
THE DARK ROOMS – Identity/Art Direction
Identity and custom font for an exhibition coming 2016 in Berlin
GT Zirkon – Type Design
Development of a high contrast typeface. To be released through Grillitype in 2017.
TRIBE – Art Direction
Art Direction for the music project TRIBE, 2016
MAIN – Type Design
Britain meets Switzerland. Ongoing, 2016
MANNSCHAFT – Editorial Design
Redesign of the leading swiss gay magazine, 2015
In collaboration with Eclat (Fiona Good, Felix Flemmer)
Publication for an exhibition at Coalmine, Winterthur, 2015
In collaboration with Micha Huebner and Tina Braun
HUNTED – Art Direction
Art Direction and Co-founding of a streetwearlabel, 2013
GT HAPTIK – Type Design
Design of GT Haptik in collaboration with Reto Moser, 2014
DJ BOWSER – Art Direction
Art Direction for DJ Bowser, ongoing
RAUM NO – Art Direction
Art Direction and Co-Curation of 16 exhibitions. Raum No is a nomadic Off-Space and consisted of Ba Berger, Andreas Wagner and me, 2009–2014
SAS – Branding
Corporate Design Skeletal Anchorage Systems, 2013
In progress
ZEHNDER GROUP AG – Annual Report
For three consecutive years I did the Art Direction and Design of the Zehnder Annual Report
During my time with Eclat and in collaboration with Basil Stücheli, Svenja Plaas and Chragi Frei. The concepts were developed with Anna-Caroline Pflug
KÄSEUNION – Poster Design
A poster designed on the occasion of the exhibition “Switzerland – Design for Life” in London, in collaboration with Reto Moser and Simon Renfer, 2009
The poster is one of the “100 beste Plakate” 2009
EESTI – Type Design
Two fonts designed in collaboration with Reto Moser
Reto Moser will release GT Eesti in 2016 through Grilli Type
OLIVERA – Type Design
Custom typeface for a wedding invitation, 2015
KIOER – Editorial Design
Publications series for the city of Zurich, 2011,
design concept in collaboration with Gavillet & Rust, design in collaboration with Reto Moser
SAKS – Branding, Type Design
Identity and custom typeface for a gallery in Geneva, 2008
With and for Gavillet & Rust   Instagram

I am a swiss art director and typedesigner. After completing my studies in Bern, Switzerland in 2009 I worked at the University of Arts in Bern and at the branding agency Eclat in Zurich, where I was assigned to various branding and annual report projects.
Since May 2015 I live and work in Berlin, Germany. My fields of specialization are Branding, Typedesign and Design Consulting. Since November 2015 I do part time an MBA at the Steinbeis University for Management and Innovation.

Design is something that doesn’t come out of a need for prettiness, but out of the necessity to give form to your doing. I want to help clients to understand their doing by finding a visual language. My work is based on discussion and insight. It is important to me that the goal is reached together. Design happens when communication gets structured and condensed. That is why I like to collaborate with different people from different areas. Be it local or global.